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We provide options for personal and professional image consulting to suit a variety of budgets and needs.

Fee Management –

Le' Kese Professional Services is a management consulting firm that will work with business' to develop and grow their business through managing the process of getting things done so that business owners can focus on their company's growth. We manage people, places and things.

1-on1 Service –

This personalized consultation is a private session that is designed to incorporate all aspects of personal and professional branding. In this session, Le’ Kese will review and analyze everything from the resume to the language skills and the personal and physical stature. With the 1-on1 consultation, the client will know exactly what areas of their personal and professional life requires immediate and long-term changes.

Group Service –

This is a consulting session that will work with a group of people in similar stages of their professional career. For those whom are unemployed, this session will identify key factors that will eliminate them from the hiring process early on. For those who are stagnant on their career succession path, this session will assist them with recognizing key factors that require attention to detail in terms of what they are or are not doing.

Our most popular product is Professionalism. Please call for more information on services and custom options; 901.282.5444